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Contour Irregularities After Liposuction: What You Should Know

Contour Irregularities After Liposuction: What You Should Know

Dimpling and waviness of the skin post-liposuction is a complication that's known as contour irregularity. It's a rare occurrence when a skilled surgeon performs the procedure, but some patients have had to deal with such an issue.

What Are Liposuction Contour Irregularities?

Contour irregularities arise when a surgeon removes too much fat from an area at the expense of another or when excess fluid builds up within the treatment site.

Ideally, the plastic surgeon will be unable to identify the problem during the liposuction procedure and resolve the issue. Still, sometimes the issue doesn't manifest itself until months after the surgery.

The severity of these irregularities depends on a range of factors.

Who's At Risk?

It's crucial that before undergoing liposuction that you know that you're a likely candidate for the procedure and if there's anything within your medical history that could lead you to have a contour irregularity.

After the liposuction, patients can notice lumps or uneven areas on their bodies. These irregularities are perfectly normal and can disappear within weeks, but in some cases, months are necessary. Therefore, being informed can reduce your anxiety.

Nevertheless, serious contour irregularities after liposuction that impact your appearance cannot be ignored.

What To Expect Following Botched Lipo

There are many solutions your surgeon can do to reduce the formation of unwanted irregularities such as lumps or swelling.

They must chart your body's natural fat distribution to reduce the risk of error. Determining where and what amounts of fat you have within your body can guarantee you optimal results.

If there's an irregularity during surgery, the surgeon should sculpt or manipulate the fat tissue to smooth out lumps. They could also add volume to fill out depressions.

Addressing contour irregularities after surgery requires that you undergo reverse corrective surgery designed to restore the treated area to its desired state. Most surgeons recommend holding off at least six months to see your finalized results before you opt for corrective surgery.

Elite Body Sculpture Has The Process For You

If you're a Miami-area patient suffering from contour irregularities, Elite Body Sculpture's corrective procedure will help you get the body you've always desired. 

The minimally invasive Corrective AirSculpt® is designed to sculpt irregularities after a procedure using a targeted application of AirSculpt's patented fat removal and transfer technology. This smooths out lumps and bumps without using a scalpel, needle, stitches, or general anesthesia, making it the most precise and comfortable choice. 

We recently opened a brand-new office in Miami Beach and are ready to help you achieve your personal body goals! For more information on how we can help you restore your pre-procedure body, visit our Miami office or contact any of our various locations nationwide for more details.


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