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Comparing Butt Implants and BBL For Miami Patients

Comparing Butt Implants and BBL For Miami Patients

In recent years, cosmetic surgery to increase the size of the buttocks (butt augmentation) has become quite popular, especially with much of our pop culture being influenced by the voluminous backsides of celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez.

The two most popular techniques utilized for butt augmentations are buttocks implants and butt lift augmentation via fat transfer, also referred to as the Brazilian butt lift.

What Are Butt Implants?

Buttock implants, also known as gluteal implants, are silicone implants that can be placed to add volume to the buttocks. Buttock implants are either round or oval and can use smooth or textured surfaces, similar to a breast implant.

The most common buttock implants are filled with silicone, a material resistant to rupturing, deflating, and spilling from exposure to movement or pressure. 

Durability is a critical factor as butt implants are constantly exposed to pressure sitting or laying on your back.

Butt Augmentation With Implants

The butt augmentation procedure involves a surgeon making an incision on the crease between the glutes. The surgeon then creates an aperture for the implant, which can be placed above or within the glute muscles. 

After the implant has been inserted, the incision is closed with sutures. Most patients are administered drains to remove blood during the first week or two of surgery.

Depending on the patient, liposuction can enhance the final shape of the surrounding body parts, such as the flanks and hips.

Brazilian Butt Lift Or Butt Augmentation Via Fat Transfer

As long as the patient has sufficient fat storage somewhere else on their body, the Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is an excellent option for them to consider.

The Brazilian butt lift is a fat transfer procedure that uses the patient's fat to enhance the volume of the buttocks. A surgeon typically harvests the fat from 'trouble areas such as the abdomen, back, and thigh using a cannula.

The fat particles are then purified and injected into the fatty and muscle areas to augment your desired volume.

Fat transfer procedures do have their limits, given that you're using fat as a filler for the buttocks, which doesn't have a 100% survival rate compared to implants.

Even if not all implanted fat cells survive and are reabsorbed by the body, this is usually counteracted by the surgeon overfilling the buttocks with transferred fat. After the excess is flushed out, you will still have the results you expect.

Additionally, a fat transfer has the limit of how much fat you're willing to extract from your body. Therefore, if you're interested in obtaining more significant or dramatic results, a fat transfer may not suffice if you don't already possess enough fat to use for the augmentation. 

Risks From These Procedures

There are reasons as to why in the first place, you should avoid getting butt implants. If you're now interested to learn about the battle of implants vs. Brazilian Butt Lift, you've come to the right place. 

In short, buttock implant surgery has high risks. You're inserting a foreign object above or below the gluteus muscles, which can lead to complications if not done correctly.

Movement of the implant post-procedure, capsular contracture, or fluid collections are factors that one should be wary of when undergoing an implant procedure. 

If you begin to gain weight, it could cause the implant to displace itself or distort the overall contour and shape of your buttocks, which we'd guess would be far from ideal for you. 

Results For Implants Aren't Permanent

Butt implants aren't designed to remain inside the body for more than ten to twelve. Usually, all implants should be replaced every decade. In the end, that would require another surgery, submitting yourself to the same risk as to the previous one.

Aside from that, you'll have to deal with multiple recovery processes to keep the ideal shape of your buttocks.

Additionally, a buttock implants recovery is generally longer than that of a fat transfer buttocks augmentation. Recovery can take up to three months before you can resume all activities that you do within your routine. Not only that, you might even have to wait six months to see your final results.

Butt Implants Aren't Dynamic

The implant itself isn't designed to be dynamic. It has one shape and one size. Therefore, your butt may get more prominent with an implant, but in truth, it will not look natural.

The shape and size can appear "off" to most eyes. Therefore, we usually say that it's never ideal to undergo a buttock implant surgery unless a surgeon strictly recommends it. The tradeoff of risk for reward isn't worth it.

Buttock Fat Transfers Have More To Offer

The main downside of a buttock fat transfer is that you can't scale the results to however you'd like. The augmentation of volume depends on how much fat you have to use within your body. Yet, it's also capped at 5 liters, given that standard surgery regulations determine that to be the reasonable limit that can be transferred within a given procedure.

That being said, Elite Body Sculpture offers patients much more than a traditional BBL. An AirSculpt® Power BBL™ is a minimally invasive procedure that can sculpt your buttocks via fat transfer without the use of a scalpel, needle, or general anesthesia.

Therefore, don't dwell on whether to get butt implants or a BBL. Elite Body Sculpture offers the most comfortable and accurate buttock enhancement techniques in Miami.


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