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Chicago's Best Flank Fat Removal: Get Results Without Liposuction

Fat Removal Without Liposuction

Most patients are not aware of what goes on during flank fat removal surgery. 

The flanks, also referred to as love handles and side fat, are not the body's most notable features. That's because when flanks appear, it's very tough to make them disappear, which explains why patients have strayed from experimenting with a healthy lifestyle and diet to get rid of the flanks. 

While they can lose weight in general, the stubborn pockets of fat persist because our genetic makeup entails that excess fat deposits itself in that area.

Therefore, it has become increasingly common at the surgeon's office to ask about flank fat removal surgery. Their presence tends to spoil their overall appearance and forms a dent in their confidence.

One of the most prominent flank fat removal procedures used is flank liposuction. 

Details On Flank Liposuction In Chicago

Liposuction has been refined over several years to offer convenient results. Convenient in the sense that fat removal is much quicker than any natural alternative.

Liposuction allows the flanks and other bulging areas to take on a smooth and more contoured appearance. In some cases, it even allows the body to look more proportional.

The procedure consists of placing small incisions around the flank and then inserting a cannula, a device that suctions fat. Yet, while liposuction has been garnered as one of the most popular procedures for fat removal, that does not mean that it's the safest. 

Liposuction requires much expertise to be pulled off correctly. The procedures of invasive nature and the fact that general anesthesia is used call for an increment in the risks the treatment could have.

The Best Flank Fat Removal in Chicago: AirSculpt®

Traditional flank fat removal procedures are not the most optimal procedures on the market, given that the technology used doesn't guarantee precise results or short recoveries.

On another note, Elite Body Sculpture can offer you precisely that with their patented AirSculpt® technology.

A typical Flank AirSculpt® is done in the following steps:

  1. The Elite Body Sculpture surgeon numbs the flank area with the AirPen, a device that applies topical anesthetic via pressurized air.
  2. The surgeon makes a perfectly even two-millimeter opening with a biopsy punch tool once you're numb, meaning no scalpels are needed!
  3. Once the area is numbed with a local anesthetic, the patented AirSculpt® cannula is inserted to prepare and then extract the love handle and flank fat while also tightening the skin.
  4. The two-millimeter opening is naturally left to heal, leaving a freckle sized mark.

AirSculpt® procedures have a downtime of 48 hours. Compare that to traditional liposuction that will have you resting for two weeks and even having to wait months for full results.

Elite Body Sculpture Chicago: Optimal Flank Removal

Elite Body Sculpture prides itself on its use of AirSculpt® technology and hiring a staff that pays attention to all of the essential details. 

If you want to look the best by working with the best, call or go to our Chicago office to begin your first consultation. 


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