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Cardi B's Post-Pregnancy Mommy Makeover Mistake: Why AirSculpt® is Better

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Cardi B told her fans that after a performance in early May, she had undergone a breast augmentation and liposuction after giving birth to her daughter.

Having cosmetic changes done to your body postpartum is what's known nowadays as the 'mommy makeover.' 

In 2010, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that 122,000 and 90,000 women, respectively, had undergone tummy tucks and breast lifts. These are some of the typical procedures included in a 'mommy makeover.'

Other standard procedures are breast augmentations, vaginal rejuvenation, and butt augmentations. 

Mommy Makeovers Are Becoming More Common

Based on statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, it's been established that in the past, women in their 50s were the core demographic undergoing these procedures. 

Now it's more common for young mothers around 30 years old to get tummy tucks and breast lifts. Mothers do not want to wait for years to get their bodies from the past. 

That's because motherhood's inevitable consequences cannot be controlled, with changes like loose skin, stretch marks, and muscle separation developing after giving birth. Diet and exercise alone usually aren't able to counteract these natural processes; therefore, reversing body changes at the doctor's office is their best bet. 

Being ordinary doesn't mean that something is excellent. The well-known, traditional body contouring procedures like liposuction, implants, and traditional tummy tucks can deliver noticeable results; nevertheless, they're not risk-free processes.

That's a mistake that Cardi B and other mothers have made, they didn't check to see if there was a way to get an ideal body after birth, without all of the risks involved.

The AirSculpt® Mommy Makeover: How To Restore Your Young Self

The AirSculpt® Mommy Makeover by Elite Body Sculpture is the ultimate cosmetic procedure rejuvenation package, offering your more precise results than traditional methods without most of the potential risks.

That's the magic of the AirSculpt® method; it's able to offer better than liposuction-like results, with minimally invasive but precise technology. 

Yet this time, mothers can get a combination of our most effective procedures in a single treatment. 

A full AirSculpt® Mommy Makeover includes the following, yet patients can pick and choose if they don't want the full package:

  • Stomach AirSculpt®: Your upper and lower abdomen, waists, and flanks will be sculpted in a way a tummy tuck can't even dream to match. 
  • AirSculpt® Tiny Tuck™: Tighten loose, saggy skin that may derive from C-sections.
  • Up A Cup™ Breast Enhancement: Put your breasts back to their best possible state after breastfeeding.
  • Pubic Area and Tailbone: These areas can be sculpted to their best state. As minimal as it may seem at first, it can have a significant impact on your figure. 

It's also important to mention that all of these procedures are done without a scalpel, needle, or general anesthesia. AirSculpt® combines luxury and precision-driven technology as the ultimate alternative for making changes to your body.

Mothers Dedicate Their Life To Caring For Others, Why Not Take This Opportunity For Yourself?

At Elite Body Sculpture, your overall wellbeing and confidence is our priority. 

If you're interested in making beautiful changes to your body without any risks, head to Elite Body Sculpture to begin your first consultation.


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