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Breast Lift Risks and Rewards: Nipple Sensation Loss as a Factor to Consider

Breast Lift Risks and Rewards

Over time, gravity, pregnancy, and nursing take a toll on the appearance of your breasts. The skin of the breasts can lose its elasticity, leading to sagging. 

For women whose breasts were larger and heavier to begin with, the effects can be much more pronounced, making them feel older than they actually are.

Nevertheless, advancements in cosmetic breast procedures have led to solutions such as breast lift surgery, designed to elevate breasts to a youthful position for a better profile and contour. Women who are more interested in adding volume to their breasts can opt for breast augmentation surgery through implantation. 

Nevertheless, breast lift surgeries are major surgical procedures, meaning that they may result in potential risks. One of the risks associated with the breast lift is the loss of nipple sensation.

Breast Lift Side Effects: Loss of Nipple Sensation

The loss of nipple sensation is possible with any breast lift surgery, regardless of the technique implemented. Yet, the degree of risk relies on various factors such as:

The Incision: 

There are incision techniques associated with little loss of nipple sensation, such as the peri-areolar and crescent incisions. Yet, these incisions are mostly suitable for patients with small breasts and minimal drooping.

Patients that require more extensive incisions run a higher risk of losing nipple sensation. Yet the higher risk usually translates into much better aesthetic results.


Patients who undergo a breast lift and combine it with breast implant augmentation face a higher risk in loss of nipple sensation, considering how much more volume they want to add to their breasts.

The larger the breast implants, the more stretched the sensory nerves. Therefore, modest increases to your breasts are usually recommended by the surgeon. 

Plastic Surgeon Experience:

The experience your surgeon has also plays a significant part in whether the surgery results in the loss of sensation in the nipples. Therefore, always find the most qualified and experienced surgeon in your area to guarantee results.

It Isn't That Common, But Be Aware

It's worth noting that most patients do not lose any nipple sensation after breast lifts. 15% lose some, but it's only temporary. For the remaining 5%, the permanent loss can be partial or complete.

What If I Want To 100% Guarantee I Don't Lose Any Nipple Sensation?

Fortunately, you can opt for the AirSculpt® Up A Cup™ by Elite Body Sculpture. AirSculpt® technology can be used for many breast-related cosmetic procedures. You can seamlessly extract fat and tighten the skin with our specially designed and patented cannula.

If you want to naturally augment your breasts and tighten the skin, the AirSculpt® Up A Cup™ delicately removes stubborn fat from another part of the body and accurately places it back into the breasts. Better yet, Up A Cup™ is far more precise safe than implants, which is why we recommend only a couple of days of downtime following a fat transfer. If you don't want the risks of a traditional breast lift in Phoenix, head to our Phoenix Elite location for your first consultation. 


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