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Breast Implants Gone Wrong: How Houstonians Can Easily Fix This Issue

Breast Implants Gone Wrong: How Houstonians Can Easily Fix This Issue

Regardless of the plentiful technological advancements that have been made within the realm of breast enhancement procedures, they're still not completely safe. 

Breast implants having gone wrong are becoming more concerning health issues. Complications derived from faulty breast enhancements can become medical issues that require extensive care or the removal of the implant itself. 

One of the prominent issues with implants is time. Breast implants have yet to be made to last a lifetime; the longer you have them, the more susceptible you'll be to a replacement. The FDA establishes that nearly 20% of breast implants will need to be replaced after ten years. 

How Have Breast Implants Gone Wrong?

Breast implants have the potential risks of causing slight discomfort and hardness. Major problems vary from unbearable pain to disfigured breasts. 

Breast implants can result in complications if they've ruptured, the surgery itself was botched, or your immune system has rejected the presence of a foreign object in the body.

Risks That Breast Implants May Bring 

Capsular Contracture, aka Hard Breast Implants  

It consists of an implanting becoming hard or having moved from its original position. It's the more common risk that comes alongside breast implants, and the earlier you seek treatment, the better. 

Capsular contracture is caused by your body reacting to a foreign substance within the implant. Your body forms scar tissue around the implant and fixes it in place. In other words, a painful experience that makes your breasts look unnatural and disfigured.

Ruptured Breast Implants That Leak

Implants can sometimes tend to rupture and leak. It may be easier to detect the rupture if you have a silicone implant, while saline implant ruptures aren't so apparent. 

If you end up having ruptured breast implants, you must remove them. Notice that some doctors may be skilled in placing implants, but that's not always the case for removing them! Therefore, wisely choose when it comes to your breast implant removal surgeon.

Breasts That Look Unnaturally Placed 

After undergoing breast augmentation surgery, you may notice that your breasts are too close together or too far apart. It may not be so noticeable at the start, but they tend to move as time passes.

This may happen because the breast enhancement surgeon did not place the implant correctly, causing the breast to pull itself in the wrong direction. Yep, not even breast implants can deal with gravity.

Breast Implant Revision: What To Do When Something Goes Wrong

It's a reality that your breast implants may not have been as worthwhile as they may have seemed. No one deserves these complications when just wanting to feel more comfortable in their skin.

Elite Body Sculpture follows the philosophy that making changes to your body shouldn't be a risky decision. Nor should fixing the mistakes of other surgeons be a hassle either.

Their patented Revision AirSculpt was designed to help even out asymmetric or lumpy liposuction results by removing, and potentially also transferring, fat to correct irregularities. Although their offices do not perform implant removals, patented AirSculpt fat removal and transfers are specially equipped at sculpting away past treatment mistakes. Houston natives looking to augment their breasts after getting implants removed naturally are excellent candidates for a revision procedure.

If you're interested in the most optimal breast implant revision, go to Elite Body Sculpture Houston to get your first consultation.


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