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Breast Implant Revision: Here’s What Sacramento Residents Should Know

Breast Implant Revision Can Be Tricky: Here’s What Sacramento Residents Should Know

Breast augmentation patients can sometimes be unsatisfied with the results of their surgery. That's because not all operations are performed correctly. Whether it is a surgeon's miscalculation, an absolute error, or an unusual complication, patients can be unhappy with their results!

In some cases, it's just a simple change of heart; even if the procedure came out top-notch, they're now looking for more or something else.

Whatever the case may be, you may be interested in getting a breast augmentation revision in Sacramento. 

Capture The Ideal Breast Beauty

Breast augmentation revision surgery is rare if a well-trained and very qualified surgeon performed your initial procedure. 

Most complications resorting to breast augmentation aren't dangerous, yet they can heavily dent your self-confidence or sense of femininity and image.

Complications that can be resolved by revision surgery are the following:

  • Capsular contracture: It's a consequence that is resolved by a breast implant revision procedure. When scar tissue forms surrounding the implant, it makes the breasts feel tighter and uncomfortable while also distorting their appearance.
  • Leakage: Breast implants are designed to endure pressure. Yet, they sometimes leak or rupture. The saline filling is naturally and safely absorbed by the body but will give your breasts a deflated appearance. Silicone implants don't lose their shape, but if they rupture, removal is required.
  • Implant migration occurs when the implant falls to a lower placement, causing the nipple to appear too high.
  • Ripples: An implant's texture is easily visible through your skin. Sometimes they ripple; therefore it gives your breasts a distinct textured look, one that many aren't comfortable with.
  • Asymmetry: If a surgeon has not properly placed your implants, asymmetry can occur.

Breast Revision Recovery

A traditional breast revision will have you resting for around three to four weeks. This entails no strenuous activities and waiting until seven days to return to work.


It's advised that patients support themselves with pillows or in a comfortable chair to be upright to guarantee optimal healing. 

The Best Breast Augmentation Revision In Sacramento

Breast implant revisions can be complicated. After all, they're another procedure that you may have to endure. Plus, there's no guarantee that the surgeon that performs the revision won't commit any mistakes.

Therefore, to prevent a revision upon another revision, opt for an AirSculpt® Fat Transfer, which is excellent for balancing out and enhancing breasts that have removed implants.

We don't do the removal ourselves since that's not our line of expertise. Yet, our Fat Transfer Revision AirSculpt® is an optimal procedure for correcting and improving the irregularities resulting from past operations.

It's practically free of risks due to the high-quality technology that is used. A typical AirSculpt® doesn't require the use of a scalpel, needle, or general anesthesia. Plus, your recovery time to return to the routine without limitations is only 48 hours.

Elite Body Sculpture Sacramento

Changes to your body don't have to be risky, much less run you the risk of needing a revision procedure because of another revision procedure.

Opt for our AirSculpt® technology and head to Elite Body Sculpture Sacramento for your first consultation. 


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