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Breast Enlargements Creams: What Side Effects Are Normal?

Breast Enlargements Creams

Many reports exist of women suing manufacturers because they purchased high-end breast enlargement creams due to misleading marketing campaigns. Breast enlargement creams claim to give women a 'push up' effect without the need for a bra or any physically lifting device. 

Yet, this has been routinely debunked by the cosmetic and plastic surgery communities, who state that there is no credible evidence that a topical cream could penetrate further than the dermis.

That's an issue because below the dermis is where the fat and mammary glands are located, and if they are not able to be altered, then there is no reason why the creams should work.

Nevertheless, lawsuits have claimed that these products aren't cosmetic and can alter and damage the breast and even reduce volume.

How Do These Creams Say They Work?

Anti-aging serums tend to lean on cosmetic science that involves nano-particles and high-tech ingredients. These creams are generally marketed as using natural ingredients to persuade audiences with a hint of mystery.

Active ingredients such as Gulgul extract and a plant ingredient were tested, but only through independent, internally conducted studies where a mere 30% of the test subjects were women.

Adverse Side Effects Of These Creams

In one case, a Vietnamese 40-year-old woman used a breast enlargement cream, then just half an hour after applying the cream reported feeling a burning sensation.

After a night, she has outgrown her bra. After three weeks of using the product, she developed pain, and her skin became too soft for the amount of growth.

The breast began to develop bulges that would end up bursting. Doctors established that the cream gave chemical allergies that damaged her skin cells, permanently altering the breasts' shape.

The estrogen in these creams can cause the breast tissue to retain water, making them seem larger at first. Yet, adding estrogen to your system can increase stroke risks and is linked to cancers in the uterus and breasts.

The Best Option For Breast Augmentation

Breast enlargement creams seldom work and rarely achieve drastic results. If you want a natural, safe, and precise breast enhancement, get an AirSculpt® Up A Cup™, the optimal minimally invasive fat transfer that doesn't use a scalpel, needle, or general anesthesia.

This procedure only has a downtime of 48 hours and is performed so gently that stitches are not even needed for the entry points to heal. Instead, patients only have to wait for dissolvable sutures to disappear.  

Head to Elite Body Sculpture Minneapolis to finally achieve the breasts you've always wanted with a technique proven to work every time.


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