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Brazilian Buttock Lifts In Denver—What Are They & Where to Get Them

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People from Denver are action seekers. They want to be where the action, whether it be on the ski slopes or in the bustling city. It is full of young, upcoming people ready to make a life for themselves, and taking care of their bodies is an innate part of day to day life. 

Eating well while having an active lifestyle is just a part of a typical resident's customs. Hiking, walking, skiing, and running are some of their favorite activities throughout the day. They care for their bodies, and it shows. 

Having a beautiful butt is the cherry on top of those impressive physiques. Elite Body Sculpture is helping women in Denver sculpt the body that their standards demand

These women specifically care about their bodies looking amazing and natural at the same time. Elite Body Sculpture's Power Brazilian Butt Lift™

came like a ring on their finger to achieve just that. 

Using patented AirSculpt® technology, skilled, experienced surgeons can change the way you look in the most natural and sophisticated manner. 

How is This Possible?

Before even touching your butt, the AirSculpt® Power Brazilian Butt Lift™ (BBL) banishes unwelcome fat from areas of the body like the abs or thighs. It then transfers this excess to the buttocks, giving you a smooth tummy while making your butt rounder, tighter, and plumper at the same time. 

Only the most skilled surgeons can achieve such artistic results. Rather than using a cheese-like grater cannula used in traditional liposuction, our patented technology plucks fat, cell by cell, from unwanted areas in a far more finessed manner. 

This same fat is then placed into the butt with a degree of unmatched precision thanks to the same AirSculpt® technology. All we do is set the fat removal process in reverse to evenly distribute your own fat into the buttocks and thighs, providing a symmetrically stunning augmentation.  This procedure leaves a dot-like mark so small, it's tough for anyone to discern. 

The Benefits of Getting Our Brazilian Butt Lift

  1. The procedure is minimally invasive, so much so that you can Face Time with your best friend while getting the treatment. 
  2. You are awake the whole time, feeling little to no discomfort.
  3. Recovery is quick and short. Elite knows most of us have a never-ending to-do list. So sitting through a couple of weeks of downtime just doesn't fit in anyone's schedule. You can get back to your regular activities within one to two days. Some patients even go out to celebrate with dinner that same day. 

Every patient is so important. We consider your comfort to be as crucial as your results. We want you to feel cared for and at ease as you obtain the body of your dreams. We are there from beginning to end. 

Come visit our AirSculpt® Denver location and take a look at what we can do for you. 


Ready For The Defined Shape You Want?

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