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Botched Breast Augmentations Can Be A Nightmare. Get Revision Surgery and Balance Your Body With AirSculpt® Today

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Most women trust the cosmetic procedures available today, but the thought of having a botched plastic surgery can be quite frightening. Thousands of women have experienced failed surgeries, and many are left wondering if there's any way to fix the terrible damage they have suffered. Luckily for them, there is a way. 

Breast reconstruction is a remarkably popular procedure for those who are unhappy with a previous surgery in that area and still want to achieve better-looking results. From minor corrections to a full-body makeover, revision surgeries are gaining momentum nowadays.

Revision AirSculpt® is one of the leading options for individuals unsatisfied with their liposuction, CoolSculpting, or any other procedure's results. This innovative treatment offers you the chance to rebalance your body by removing and even transferring your fat, placing it exactly where you want to sculpt the image of your dreams.

What is Revision AirSculpt®?

Revision AirSculpt® is a procedure designed to repair and correct imperfections resulting from traditional liposuction, ultrasound lipolysis, laser liposuction, and any other fat removal treatments. Our revision procedure requires a unique set of skills, knowledge, and vision that AirSculpt®  surgeons must know and master.

AirSculpt® uses no needles, requires no stitches, and involves no scalpel or cutting. Rather than using the abrasive cheese-grater like tube used in liposuction, we instead remove fat through a tiny opening smaller than a pencil eraser. We employ a delicate fat-plucking tool called a cannula, which is patented with our exclusive technology. If a transfer revision is requested, the fat is treated, and then the same device is put in reverse to place viable fat cells into the desired area in a balanced, symmetrical manner. As the site heals, it leaves a mark similar to a freckle or natural skin blemish, with no noticeable surgical scar and visible suture marks. 

Avoiding stitches means you won't have to come back for a surgeon's visit to have them removed. Instead, the entry site can remain open to recover, and inflammation reduces naturally and more quickly. The most critical element AirSculpt® provides is the exact rebalancing of your body, which means removing or transferring stubborn fat located in different body areas. 

I Cannot Continue With My Implants

If you feel this way, thinking about removing your implants or receiving a breast implant revision, you'll have to have them removed before coming to Elite Body Sculpture.

AirSculpt® can help you with transfer remove fat, but it cannot remove implants. You can choose to have our revision procedure six months after explant surgery (removal of implants) to enhance your breasts naturally. The AirSculpt® Up-a-Cup® breast augmentation fat transfer can deliver those perfectly symmetrical, smooth, and natural breasts you've always wanted.

Due to their hazardous nature and unnatural look, breast implants are being removed in increasing numbers across the country. According to recent research, cases of material rejection are a significant concern, as patients have mentioned "Breast Implant Disease" as the main reason why they're undergoing the knife again.

If you fall under this category, we first recommend finding a board-certified surgeon to remove your implants safely. Once you've healed, consider the next steps of enlarging your breasts again, but this time safely and naturally.

AirSculpt® surgeons at Elite Body Sculpture D.C. are skilled in correcting all blemishes and finally delivering the results you've always wanted. Only the most experienced and expertly trained surgeons perform Revision AirSculpt®. We ensure they have the skills needed to dramatically improve past mistakes and sculpt results according to each patient's personal body goals.


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