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Banana Roll Fat and Lifestyle Changes That Will Get Rid of It

Banana Roll

A sensuous bum sets off a craze to those that behold it. Curves have sent many to the plastic surgeon's office in search of a well-sculpted butt. The market has caught on, forming a wave of new and upcoming techniques to design your body the way you like it.

Beyond a rounder butt, women now seek to enhance their backsides by defining the area between the buttocks and the thighs.

The Banana Roll: What Is It?

The renowned' banana roll' is the crescent-shaped bulge of fat that appears under the buttocks. The fat deposit can be a hassle due to making clothes not fit properly.

While exercise is a go-to for most patients, sometimes it's challenging to eliminate the excess fat through diet and exercise alone.

Having a banana roll is concerning for those who desire curves and a  rounder figure. Therefore, if exercise and diet haven't given you the results you're looking for, then cosmetic procedures can help you achieve your goals and obtain a more notable definition between your thighs and buttocks.

Why Do I Have A Banana Roll?

To get rid of fat under your buttocks, you should understand its reason for originating. While banana rolls can result from having too much fat in the body, it's not always something that only appears in overweight people.

Even those who are in good shape can have a banana roll, given that one of the leading causes is your genetic makeup. Additionally, aspects such as weak buttocks and leg muscles can form its appearance. 

How Do I Remove My Banana Roll Fat?

You can remove your banana roll fat with a clean diet. Eliminate all the 'bad stuff' stray away from processed sugars, fruit juice, vegetable oils, and refined carbs.

Eat more clean foods such as leafy greens, quinoa, and sweet potatoes, and make sure you compliment them with lean proteins like fish and protein to aid with muscle-building. 

If you want to experiment with exercise, try the following:

  • Donkey kicks
  • Gluteal bridge dances

The Best Removal Option: Elite Body Sculpture

If you're looking for more immediate results without much downtime, opt for the best banana roll fat removal treatment, AirSculpt®. This patented process doesn't use a scalpel, stitches, needle, or general anesthesia, and the downtime is only 48 hours. 

AirSculpt® delivers instant results thanks to the precise way it plucks fat by the cell while still leaving patients with far less soreness and side effects than traditional buffalo hump liposuction. Subtle, hard-to-reach areas like the back of the thighs are the perfect body parts for this treatment. 

If you're looking to lose banana roll fat fast in Minneapolis, call or visit us today!


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