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Fat Removal
Beverly Hills Armpit and Underarm AirSculpt®

Armpit Fat Removal in Los Angeles: Pick the Least Invasive Choice

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Contouring your body can be a very challenging process. No matter how hard you work, a healthy lifestyle is often still unable to eliminate the stubborn pockets of fat that resist exercise and plates of vegetables.

One of these especially concerning areas is the armpit and bra-line. An excess of fat in these areas cannot only toil with your figure's overall curves, but it can also hit your confidence.

Embracing armpit fat isn't an easy task, and it's incredibly frustrating when it's still present on a body that you've worked so hard to achieve. 

The primary line of options you can pursue are armpit and bra-line fat reduction procedures, plus armpit and bra-line lifts for skin tightening. With a wide array to choose from, we're here to tell you which one is best. 

Information on Armpit and Bra-Line Fat Reduction

Bra-line and armpit fat removal are a branch of procedures within the realm of liposuction surgery. Liposuction itself has become one of the most popular methods in the cosmetic market due to its practicality.

Liposuction consists of using a thin tube, also known as a cannula to suction pockets of fat. Depending on your aesthetic goals, the procedure varies.

It mostly consists of placing several incisions alongside the targeted area, treating the fatty tissue with a tumescent substance, and suctioning it out with the cannula. 

Is Liposuction For Me?

If you're looking for a speedy way to lose weight, any form of liposuction isn't for you. These results stay if you maintain a healthy lifestyle and don't put on extra weight. 

You are eligible for bra-line and armpit fat removal surgery if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Poor muscle tone and saggy underarms
  • Excess skin due to weight loss
  • Excess breast tissue around the milk lines
  • Skin and breast tissue 'spillage' when wearing fitted clothing.
  • Have realistic expectations for this procedure and be aware of the risks.

For us, that's the catch; there's no reason that you submit yourself to changing your body with risks. Or a cannula that grates fat, requires large incisions, and uses stitches.

Armpit AirSculpt®: Return Armpits To Their Desired Shape, Risk-Free!

Developed by Elite Body Sculpture, Armpit and Underarm AirSculpt® is a minimally invasive procedure that offers optimal results without the risks involved in traditional liposuction. 

It's not an armpit fat removal surgery; it's an armpit fat removal blessing.

AirSculpt® does not require the use of needles, large incisions, stitches, or general anesthesia. The recovery time is much less than its traditional counterpart. You're able to be back in your daily routine in less than two days with results right out of the office. Traditional liposuction will have you waiting weeks upon months to see the final results. 

Beverly Hills' Best Armpit Removal Option

At Elite Body Sculpture, we understand the importance of a pristine image at Beverly Hills. 

If you're interested in making these optimal changes to your body, go to Elite Body Sculpture Beverly Hills to make your first consultation. 


Ready For The Defined Shape You Want?

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