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Armpit Fat May Not Be Fun to Talk About—but AirSculpt® Houston Makes Sure You Never Worry About It Again

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Houston, we have a problem, and it's called armpit fat. Having fat around the arms and pits can make an astronomical dent on your appearance. Either way, you're able to get rid of excess arm fat with the help of fat removal procedures — it's not that Sirius.

Yet, the market is flooded with a plethora of arm fat removal procedures, so which one is your best pick? You may believe that an underarm lift, formally known as a Brachioplasty, is your go-to method, but is it?

A Brachioplasty, as convincing as it may seem, it's not your best solution to getting rid of 'batwings,' or underarm fat. 

Complications Surrounding Traditional Underarm Lifts

It's important to note that arms are rather large bodily areas that include the armpits. Therefore, the precision and invasiveness of the type of arm lift you get should be heavily considered.

As established within the Evaluation of Different Varieties of Brachioplasty, the traditional variants of these procedures require cutting off the skin around the arm and beforehand weight-loss. 

Additionally, possible risks include:

  • Infection
  • Recurrent bleeding
  • Lymphatic tissue damage
  • Nerve damage
  • General anesthesia complications
  • Pain
  • Ugly scars

There's a possibility you don't get the results you're looking for from the type of surgery. The invasiveness factor and the use of general anesthesia can lead to asymmetrical results. ‍

Don't Believe that all Noninvasive & Minimally-Invasive Procedures Work

Another arm fat reduction procedure uses acid injections to supposedly melt the fat cells. While it's less invasive than a surgical procedure, the fact that it's a series of 20 to 50 injections doesn't make it that much better.

Patients have reported that the pain is similar to that of fire ants stings and that the recovery process will have you lingering with swollen arms for weeks. 

AirSculpt® Houston Makes Removing Armpit Fat Easy

AirSculpt® technology sets the standard for removing armpit fat, free of significant complications, pain, and downtime.

AirSculpt® uses no needle, no scalpel, or general anesthesia, making it a minimally-invasive process. 

Arm AirSculpt® begins with the use of an AirPen, a device that uses pressurized air to distribute numbing fluid to the soon-to-be treated area. The provider then opens a perfectly two-millimeter wide, symmetrical hole to access the fat within the arm.

We remove fat and simultaneously help tighten the skin, eliminating the possibility of drooping skin post-procedure. Patented AirSculpt® technology plucks each fat cell out, one by one, to form a newly sculpted arm or armpit.

There's barely any downtime, and all you're required to do is wear a compression garment for two weeks.

Everything's Bigger in Texas, so why isn't your self-confidence

AirSculpt® is not necessarily a weight-loss solution. Their purpose and focus are on making you, the patient, build-self confidence. They focus on putting your fat where you want it.

Elite Body Sculpture Houston prides itself on creating the link between luxury and comfort. Head over to Women's Place right off the Old Spanish Trail and turn what makes you anxious into what makes you confident. 


Ready For The Defined Shape You Want?

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