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Arm AirSculpt: Dallas's Very Own Invisible Arm Lift Surgery

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Saggy arms are a significant issue, no matter your age. Whether you're 25 or 55, the idea of having excess skin sagging from your arms may be downright terrifying.

You may suffer from excess skin due to extreme weight loss, body dysmorphia, or genetic issues, but luckily, here in Dallas, there's a quick, seamless solution for this issue. This solution is also faster and easier than you may think when comparing it with traditional procedures like liposuction and arm lifts.

Arm Lift Surgery: You're Not-So-Invisible option

A Brachioplasty (or Arm Lift) is a surgical cosmetic procedure that does three things:

     Reduces excess sagging skin that hangs from the arm

     Smoothes and tightens the underlying tissue that creates arm definition

     Reduces fat pockets in the upper arm region

Arm lift surgery may sound nice if you're trying to achieve beautiful-looking arms without the excess fat, but this surgery is not as seamless as it seems. Excess skin must be removed from your arms through a large incision. Fat is removed through a liposuction-like process, and then the remaining arm skin is stitched back together.

This entire process is done with risky general anesthesia, and the recovery process and wound healing are rather lengthy. The arm-long scar takes time to heal, and a complete recovery, including final results, can take up to six months. You also have to take into consideration the need for painkillers and physical therapy.

Your Better Option: The Real Cost and Benefits

One procedure that can give you amazing results without the extreme pain, long recovery process, or periodic check-ins is Arm AirSculpt®, also considered Dallas' better alternative to an Invisible Arm Lift Surgery. As one of our most popular procedures with an extremely high patient satisfaction rate ready, our arm sculpting technique can help you achieve your ideal figure today!

Traditional surgeries might be cheaper in terms of pure monetary value, but in the long run, you will end up spending more from an opportunity cost perspective with alternative treatments. Invasive arm liposuction requires a six-month recovery period and follow-ups with the surgeon constantly. 

Innovative AirSculpt® technology achieves similar amounts of fat removal with a patented, minimally invasive technique that doesn't even use general anesthesia. We are also able to make your skin tighter while delicately removing all the unwanted fat from the arms.

As we all know, in Dallas, time is money. With AirSculpt®, there's no downtime involved; you'll be back at work within a couple of days, and back at the gym working out in just two weeks. Compare that with a six-month recovery following an arm lift or liposuction!

The Invisible Arm Lift Surgery

AirSculpt® seamlessly removes fat through a freckle-sized hole while you're awake thanks to its patented and precise technology. Our treatment is fully customized to your body, and you'll be comfortable and wearing a tank top in just two weeks. Our patients have no doubt AirSculpt® is the most effective treatment on the market today—by far.

Unlike a traditional arm lift, our method is patented and uses no needles or stitches, and leaves no apparent scars. Arm lifts remove a chunk of loose skin from under your arm, leaving a highly visible scar from your armpit to your elbow. Plus, this abrasive surgery comes with the risks of general anesthesia. Ultimately, other procedures remove similar or even less fat, but also come with a slew of downsides. 

If you're interested in improving your life while continuing with your routine, feel free to visit us at any time. In a tranquil part of town minutes from Dallas Northpark Center, you'll find our Elite Body Sculpture Dallas office. Pristine and peaceful, you'll feel at ease as soon as you walk through the door. Our Patient Care Coordinators will answer any questions, and whether you get sculpted or not, you'll walk out feeling refreshed.


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