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AirSculpt® In Nashville— Is Our Breast Augmentation Right for You?

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Elite Body Sculpture has brought Nashville a new scene within the cosmetic market. Through AirSculpt®, we've realized that it's not about weight loss; it's about looking and feeling your best. 

While other health and wellness clinics specialize in fat elimination procedures, they do not understand the importance of prioritizing a patient's comfort and experience. 

One of the procedures worth discussing is breast augmentation procedures. Saline and silicone implants should be a thing of the past, yet they still are accessible and popular within the city.

Whether it be the technique or equipment used, the link between technology, precision, and a luxury environment cannot match what Elite Body Sculpture has to offer through our patented AirSculpt®.

Nashville's Plastic Surgery Clinics: Controversy in Safety

Leading clinics assure that plastic surgery clinics can harness a wide-array of specializations in various markets. Yet, they do not realize that too many specialties can dwindle the effectivity of the clinic itself. 

Additionally, the majority of clinics in Nashville specialize in breast augmentation through silicone and saline implants. Breast implants carry a wide array of risks, ranging from the following.

  • General anesthesia risks
  • Possible revision scarring
  • Faulty positioning of the implant
  • Implant leakage or rupture 
  • Constant pain
  • Others

While these common potential risks may be concerning, it's important to highlight that various clinics do not address the possibility of contracting an autoimmune disease due to the presence of foreign objects in the body.

Nashville's AirSculpt® Fat Transfer: The City's Safest Alternative

We at Elite Body Sculpture are proud to provide an unmatched quality experience concerning breast augmentation. Our AirSculpt® technology specializes in using fat transfer procedures to sculpt your breasts into their desired shape. 

Our patented technology offers you a luxurious experience that only the AirSculpt® procedure can provide: a minimally invasive, comfortable breast augmentation process that does not require the use of general anesthesia, a scalpel, a needle, or stitches.

To administer numbing medication, we use the AirPen, a squirt gun-like device that uses pressurized air. Once the treated area feels relaxed, a perfectly symmetrical 2mm opening is made by using a biopsy punch, creating an entry the size of a lead pencil.

The AirSculpt® provider then softens the fat to prepare it for extraction and then implements the AirSculpt® cannula to pluck the fat cells from any area with stubborn fat you wish gone. The opening is naturally left to heal, forming a freckle sized scar post-procedure.

The same initial process is repeated on your breasts, but this time the Elite Body Sculpture provider adds the extracted fat into them to begin sculpting them to your liking. 

A Comfortable Experience With Fewer Potential Risks

All AirSculpt® Fat Transfer procedures require a compression garment for two weeks, which Elite provides to maximize your experience. Nonetheless, you're able to head back to your daily routine, given that downtime for any AirSculpt® procedure is practically nonexistent.

If you haven't realized it either, AirSculpt® Fat Transfers don't use general anesthesia, meaning that anesthetic risks are not a factor that concerns you.

Make Your Best Choice

It's quite evident that the fine line between luxury and comfort are aspects that you won't find in other clinics around Nashville.

If you're interested in precision, technology, and amazing results, contact us today to make a choice your body and mind will appreciate. 


Ready For The Defined Shape You Want?

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