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Correcting a Botched Injection Lipolysis Treatment

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A Rundown on Correcting a Botched Injection Lipolysis Treatment in Dallas

Chin Implant Revision

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What is Chin Implant Revision and What Are My Seattle Options?

Kybella Revision

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Everything You Should Know About Kybella Revision Treatments

Woman touching face and looking in mirror

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How to Avoid Kybella Complications and Where You Can Fix Them Quickly

woman's chin before and after lipo

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Can Fat Return After Kybella or Chin Liposuction? 

needle and syringe

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Looking at 5 Side Possible Effects of Fat Burning Injections

Doctor outlining chin incision on woman

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Post-Kybella Side Effects: What to Do About Swelling

doctor injecting chin of patient

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Is Injection Lipolysis Really Effective?

woman with legs crossed waiting

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How Long Do Injection Lipolysis Results Take?

Doctor gives lipolytic injection to a caucasian girl's double chin on a white background, medical, close-up

Comparing Technologies

Kybella or Liposuction for Submental Fat? How About An Even Better Option?