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AirSculpt Fat Transfers in Chicago—Balancing the Contours of The Body

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Fat transfers, also known as fat grafting, fat injections, and lipofilling, are a procedure during which a person's fat is used to contour the body.

Fat transfers follow a general outline of parameters to ensure a successful procedure. For instance, the fat transfer surgeon must be gentle when removing the fat.

Liposuction is a destructive procedure to the tissue; therefore, fat removal must be tailored to minimize the areas to be affected. 

Also, when transferring fat, the fat isn't merely poured into place for contouring. If fat is added in such a manner, the adipose tissue will die. It's to be combined with specialized tools that lay narrow tubes of fat into the new tissue, close to the blood vessels. Fat without a constant blood supply becomes a useless mass in the body. 

Fat survival itself varies. Between 40% and 80% of the fat survives if the graft is performed correctly. That being said, the fat transfer surgeon must overcorrect the area by adding more fat than one would deem necessary. 

Overcorrecting: Good or Bad?

Is adding more fat that needed an optimal process? Not at all. More fat extraction signifies more adipose and surrounding tissues that are going to be affected by liposuction.

Therefore, you should undergo cosmetic procedures that are designed to protect surrounding tissues such as the AirSculpt®. 

Elite Body Sculpture's AirSculpt® properly balances the contours of the body by offering a minimally invasive procedure that doesn't use a scalpel, needle, or general anesthesia.

Forget about the risky 3 to 5 millimeter-wide incisions that have to be made for traditional liposuction. With AirSculpt®, the fat grafting process uses a biopsy punch that forms a perfectly symmetrical 2mm opening that is later naturally left to heal, leaving only a freckle sized scar afterward.

Precise AirSculpt®  Technology Increases the Viability of Fat Grafting.

Considering the patented precision technology of AirSculpt®, the cannula used for fat extraction and contouring is designed to spin in a specific manner rather than protect the surrounding tissues. 

AirSculpt® doesn't require general anesthesia, thanks to the patented AirPen, a squirt gun-like device that uses pressurized air to administer numbing medication and the local anesthetic we use. That means that our physicians can move your body with full mobility, guaranteeing more precise results than procedures that use general anesthetics. 

AirSculpt® Fat Transfers Have A Very Short Recovery Time.

With an AirSculpt® Fat Transfer, the downtime is practically zero. You're able to make plans on the same night of the procedure and return to the daily routine the day after.  

All that's required is that you wear compression garments for two weeks for more precise contouring.

The Bottom Line

If you're interested in Elite Body Sculpture's AirSculpt® call or visit our Chicago office to discuss fat transfer options today. After all, you're making the best choice there is for your body.

No other provider understands how to bridge luxury and precision for fat removal. AirSculpt® technology was created with the comfort of the patient as a priority because making life-changing decisions for your body shouldn't be filled with risks. 


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