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Address Your Gynecomastia Symptoms and Underlying Causes in Seattle

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There's a condition that affects thousands of men in the United States, and that is gynecomastia. Most popularly known as man boobs, this condition affects more men than you think. This condition occurs due to a hormone imbalance causing the male breast tissue to overdevelop.

This overdeveloped breast tissue is very resistant against chest exercises and upper torso fitness routine, causing many men who suffer from it to think they will have to live with this condition forever.

It is essential to mention that if you suffer from a puffy torso, caused by excess weight or fat deposits in your chest, an exercise routine and dieting might help. Still, true gynecomastia is not related to being overweight in any way. The body and hormonal shifts are the sole responsible for this enlargement.

What Causes Gynecomastia?

The leading cause is an imbalance between men's testosterone and estrogen levels. You don't have to panic, neither gynecomastia nor a puffy torso (also known as pseudogynecomastia) is a severe health condition or life-concerning, though they may involve discomfort and in some cases, mild pain.

Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for the general masculine traits such as body hair, deep voice, and muscle mass. On the other hand, estrogen controls female characteristics such as higher pitch voice, wider hips, and breast growth.

As part of the natural body function, men produce minimal amounts of estrogen. Gynecomastia appears when the body produces a lower or higher amount of testosterone, kicking in the hormonal imbalance.  

This imbalance can also occur due to natural body changes such as aging or puberty or hyperthyroidism. It can also be caused by external factors such as medication or antibiotics side effects or excessive drugs or alcohol intake.

What are Gynecomastia's Symptoms?

The main symptom of gynecomastia is enlarged male breasts, but they can come with secondary signs or signals such as:

  • Firm or rubbery nipples
  • Sensitivity in the area
  • Tenderness in and around the chest
  • Mild pain (in extreme cases)

What is the Best Treatment for Gynecomastia?

This condition can be solved effectively with fat removal treatments such as AirSculpt®. Traditional liposuction can also work, but the procedure is much more invasive. It uses general anesthesia and a big incision around the nipple that requires stitches and a lengthy recovery process.

With AirSculpt®, the procedure is much more detailed but also minimally invasive. The process delicately plucks unwanted fat cells and tightens the skin to form a balanced chest, all done while avoiding using a needle, scalpel, stitches, or general anesthesia.

Our male breast reduction typically delivers immediate changes, and patients can even return to work in just one or two days. Elite Body Sculpture is open Saturdays, so patients can be treated over the weekend and return to their usual routine that Monday.

Gynecomastia AirSculpt® Benefits

  1. Natural-looking results: You will get natural-looking results without getting any significant incisions or changes to your body except your chest. No other muscles or tissues will be affected by this procedure. 
  2. Customized to your body type: The procedure is completely catered to your body measurements, limits, and preferences. From the amount of local anesthesia to the amount of fat removed, everything is directly proportionate to your expectations and needs.
  3. Meaningful results in one session: Thanks to the advanced technology used, there's no need for lengthy procedures or recoveries. The job gets done in about 120 minutes, and you will be able to continue with your routine in no time. You can also combine this procedure with any other from AirSculpt® procedures
  4. No scalpels or stitches: AirSculpt® utilizes patented technology that moves in a spiral motion to significantly minimize invasiveness, pain, and swelling, while completely removing the need for general anesthesia and reducing risks of blood clots and poor wound healing. 
  5. Tightens skin and maintains shape: Even though this procedure does not remove mammary glands, AirSculpt® surgeons will remove the right amount of extra stubborn fat located in your chest. Many wonder about loose skin afterward, but this technology helps tighten the skin and remove the appearance of breasts for shapely and lasting results.


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