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The stomach. If chiseled, it's a show-stopper that anyone would be proud to show off. If it's fluffy, you'll usually find yourself buying oversized and dark-colored clothes to hide your layers. And during Sacramento's often hot summers, it's not a desirable situation to experience. 

You may be in search of undergoing cosmetic surgery due to a weakened abdominal wall causing your belly to bulge out or difficulty working off that final belly pouch. Whatever the reasons, it's crucial you use the safest and most reliable procedure on the market: Elite Body Sculpture's AirSculpt®.

What Makes Elite Body Sculpture Sacramento So Reliable?

Our unmatched success within the fat removal cosmetic market begins with the quality and attention that an Elite Body Sculpture physician provides. 

We strive for impeccable results and service, and do so by attentively listening to our patients and being as personable and approachable as possible. The operating room, working under highly stringent standards, still keeps an upbeat and friendly environment for the patient to feel at ease.

Additionally, our facilities form a link between luxury and comfort, optimized to deliver outstanding results after all of our fat removal procedures. Also, at all Elite Body Sculpture locations, we ensure that there is one board-certified surgeon consistently leading the office. 

Clinics led by only one surgeon at a time possess the same consistent quality, alternating between techniques based on their experience and the actual needs of the patient. With other clinics, the constant change of surgeons is correlated to inconsistent results in the long run. 

As important as the quality control of the facilities may be, Elite Body Sculpture also takes much pride in its patented AirSculpt® technology, one of the most prominent factors in our brand's precise and unmatchable results.

Why Choose AirSculpt® Technology? 

An AirSculpt® procedure uses precision-engineered, patented technology to get rid of those unattractive bulges and love handles that you so dearly want to remove.

Stomach AirSculpt® trumps traditional stomach liposuction thanks to its minimally-invasive nature. AirSculpt®, for starters, doesn't require the use of a needle, scalpel, stitches, or general anesthesia, yet still can sculpt bodies far more precisely than liposuction. 

In the academic study, titled 1,000 Consecutive Cases of Laser-Assisted Liposuction and Suction-Assisted Lipectomy Managed With Local Anesthesia, the following was established:

 "The complication rate is very low, with a correspondingly low touch-up rate. In addition, the short recovery period, small incision size, and avoidance of traditional anesthesia offer an attractive alternative for patients who normally would not consider traditional methods of body contouring."

The quote highlights the advantages of procedures like AirSculpt®, yet they don't even account for the specialized cannula we use. AirSculpt® has virtually no downtime because we work through a perfectly symmetrical hole just 2 millimeters wide. This tiny entryway is formed using a biopsy punch instead of a scalpel, and no general anesthesia is used, meaning that you avoid an abundant amount of risk. Our patented cannula also rotates automatically, allowing for a more controlled, yet extensive, fat removal process.

Competitors may argue that getting an AirSculpt® treatment is more costly. Nevertheless, our history of excellent results begs the question: would you rather pay very little for an irreversible procedure you'll regret, or pay a reasonable price for expert surgeons that will cater to you and provide the best possible results?

What's Your Answer, Sacramento?

Elite Body Sculpture leads the minimally-invasive fat removal market due to our state-of-the-art technology and luxuriously curated setting. If you are looking forward to getting the stomach of your dreams, why risk it with other health and wellness clinics in the area? Come visit us in Roseville today!


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