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5 Reasons to Choose AirSculpt® Chicago For Your Breast Augmentation This Spring

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Breast augmentations are, to this day, some of the most sought-after surgeries here in Chicago. Breast size (and shape too!) is essential for most women and may be one of the most spoken about body features amongst each other.

We all have an idea of what size we want and what shape we prefer to have when we look in the mirror, but sometimes reality strikes, and we see ourselves trying new clothes and new styles — only to see we haven’t achieved the body that makes us feel like ourselves.

Thousands of women in Chicago continue to choose breast augmentation as their ideal procedure to achieve those fuller, more massive breasts they’ve always wanted. And now that we’re in May, consider welcoming the summer in with new, enhanced perky breasts.

Breast augmentation involves adding something new to the breast to improve its shape and volume. Generally, this means breast implants, but this is not always the case. With AirSculpt®, you can achieve your desired breast augmentation without implants by transferring fat from one selected area in your body, like the abdomen or thighs, to your breasts.

It’s a win-win; you sculpt your abs or thighs and help your breasts look fuller, rounder, and overall sexier without inserting a pair of strange objects in your body. 

Let’s go over five reasons to consider AirSculpt® as your preferred procedure to enhance the breasts. But first, we have to answer an often-asked question:

What is AirSculpt®?

This is not just as fat removal treatment. AirSculpt® was designed to consider your needs and expectations first, and that’s why our process involves more than just a cosmetic procedure. Our fat transferring technique resembles the beginning steps of most of our treatments. We start with a pen that releases a pressured puff of air to disperse numbing fluid rather than a needle. We then use a biopsy-punch tool rather than a scalpel to create a perfectly symmetrical entryway smaller than a lead pencil tip. We then implement our patented AirSculpt® technology to gently remove that unwanted fat — which means we don’t use stitches or leave you with prominent, everlasting scars. 

With our proprietary process, the expert surgeon removes and collects your unwanted fat cell by cell from the targeted area while simultaneously tightening your skin. The harvested fat then gets placed into your breasts using our artistic, meticulous process. In one treatment, you lose that undesirable fat and gain the perky, natural-looking breasts you’ve always wanted.

Reasons to Choose AirSculpt® in Chicago

Several reasons support the popularity, effectiveness, and overall success rate of AirSculpt®, but we summed them up for you in five specific points:

  1. Natural-looking results: You will get natural-looking results without having any foreign objects put inside your body. No implants are used in the procedure, so no rejected substances or harmful silicones are needed.
  2. Customized to your body type: The procedure is completely catered to your body measurements, limits, and preferences. From the amount of local anesthesia to the amount of fat transferred, everything is directly proportionate to your expectations and needs.
  3. Meaningful results in one session: Thanks to the advanced technology used, there’s no need for lengthy procedures or recoveries. The job gets done in about 120 minutes, and you will be able to continue with your daily routine in no time.
  4. No needles, scalpels, or stitches: AirSculpt® utilizes a micro-sized tool that moves in a rapidly controlled manner that significantly minimizes invasiveness, pain, and swelling while completely removing the need for general anesthesia and reducing risks of blood clots and poor wound healing. The actual dangers of silicone implants are nowhere to be found.
  5. Tightens skin and maintains shape: Because of natural body functions, your system will re-absorb some of the fat that was transferred (no more than 30%). AirSculpt® surgeons can transfer just the right amount to augment your breasts by one cup size.

Where in Chicago Can I Get this Procedure?

Thanks to the progress in research and technology, AirSculpt® has become one of the most natural ways to achieve your breast augmentation without risking your immune system and allowing foreign objects to enter and damage your body.

If you want more information about the procedure, the experience, and the benefits of getting a fat transfer breast augmentation with AirSculpt®, be sure to visit our Chicago office at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Feel free to give us a call or chat through our virtual consultation process to speak with an Elite representative with any questions.


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