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4 Tips for Ensuring a Smooth Recovery From a BBL 

4 Tips for Ensuring a Smooth Recovery From a BBL 

A Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is a cosmetic surgery procedure that consists of a fat transfer to augment the size and shape of the butt, omitting the need for implants. Patients generally opt for their fat to be removed from their hips, abdomen, lower back, or thighs for the surgeon to then inject it into the buttocks.

The procedure has become quite popular. In 2019 alone, over 35,000 buttock augmentations procedures were performed in the United States, with 95% done with the fat transfer technique.
Nevertheless, a BBL is a form of surgery, meaning that there are several things patients can do to ensure a speedy and safe recovery for optimal results.

Elite Body Sculpture in Toronto understands the importance of a well-planned recovery, which is why we're providing you with these essential tips to make the process more effective.

BBL Recovery Tips

1 Don't Sit On Your Buttocks

One of the most common questions that surgeons are asked is how they'll be able to sit post-procedure. 

You should avoid sitting on your butt for as long as the surgeon prescribes. Nevertheless, the time recommended generally ranges between six to two weeks after the surgery.

If you must sit, you must use n a BBL pillow, which is a small cushion to go under the lower thigh while taking pressure off of the buttocks. If you don't have one of these pillows, a folded towel could provide similar benefits. One significant advantage of getting a fat transfer like a BBL with Elite Body Sculpture is that they offer a complimentary cushion along with custom-fitting compression garments.

When going to the bathroom, don't sit directly on the toilet. Squat or hold onto rails when having to do your business.

2 Maintain Healthy Choices

A healthy lifestyle is significant, but we often don't realize how important it actually is. It's never too late to start making wiser decisions, especially after getting work done to make yourself happier with your body image. 

If you have the habit of eating junk foods, make a healthier switch to a balanced diet. And make sure that you drink plenty of water.

Post-procedure, the body is adjusting to new changes, and what you put into your body through food can make all of the difference in how you recover.

If you're a smoker, do not smoke after your surgery. Smoking interferes with the healing process due to narrowing the blood vessels and impairing blood flow.

3 Compression Garments

Compression garments are a tight clothing item that fits firmly around the skin to support you. After all, you will have to stand up most of the time, and you will need to deal with the post-procedures swelling.

The compression garment is to be worn for three to six weeks after the Brazilian butt lift.

4 Elite Body Sculpture's BBL Guarantees an Easy Recovery

The AirSculpt® Power BBL™ is a minimally invasive fat transfer to the buttocks that doesn't use a scalpel, needle, stitches, or general anesthesia. The technique implemented allows for a comfortable, accurate, and risk-free experience that no other fat transfer process can provide. 

The use of our patented process provides patients with a much shorter recovery after a BBL, less swelling, and essentially no noticeable scarring. For more information on how we can help you, call our Toronto MedSpa to schedule your free consultation. 


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