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4 Distinct Ways to Reduce Lower Leg Fat and Bulkiness

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While legs are on the lower half of the body, they're still quite important in determining your overall appearance. Skirts, skinny jeans, and tall boots need aesthetic legs to give your entire body a slimmer look.

Depending on your physique, no matter how hard you diet, you can still be left with bulky calves and a blocky lower leg. If you're concerned about the appearance of your lower leg, there are slimming techniques and procedures that will help deliver the nicely tapered look so many desire.

Given that the lower leg is primarily composed of the calf, it is essential to understand its biological details. 

Two muscles make up the calf: the gastrocnemius and the soleus.

Both of these muscles are located at the back of the leg. The gastrocnemius is above the soleus and is much larger. If the gastrocnemius grows significantly for whatever reason, it will interrupt the desired smoothness on the lower leg and replace a gradual taper with a sharp difference.

Techniques For Reducing Calves

Calf Reduction Massages

Massaging your calves is a technique that some turn to for help slimming down their calves. It involves soaking the legs in warm water for about 10-15 minutes and then having a trained specialist massage the area with force.

Several gyms offer this service, claiming to provide slimmer calves in about ten sessions. The efficacy of such methods is dubious, at best. 

Calf Fat Dissolving Injections

One of the more popular calf reduction methods involves using fat-dissolving injections. While these injections are typically used for the face and neck, they can also be used for the lower legs.

These injections usually use an active ingredient, such as deoxycholic acid, which Kybella provides. It breaks down the fat in the area, ultimately giving you slimmer legs after several treatment sessions.

Providers generally recommend opting for up to six sessions to obtain optimal results.


Botox injections have become an increasingly popular method for reducing the lower leg's bulkiness. This minimally invasive alternative to surgery involves Botox being evenly distributed into the gastrocnemius muscle, which is responsible for the bulkiness and definition of the calf. Botox prompts the muscle to relax, delivering a leaner appearance in the leg. 

Botox in the lower legs only affects a small portion of the outer muscle fibers, meaning it does not restrict regular calf function or affect your ability to walk or run. The procedure is usually performed in under an hour but requires multiple treatments to produce noticeable results. Maintenance treatments are also required for continuous effects.

AirSculpt®'s Leg Fat Reduction

The optimal lower leg fat reduction technique is provided to Toronto residents in the form of minimally invasive Leg AirSculpt®. This patented procedure directly removes fat instead of burning it with an acid or injecting the calves with Botox. Unlike traditional liposuction, however, we do not require a scalpel, needle, stitches, or general anesthesia, ensuring that patients undergo the most comfortable and safest fat removal process.

Our automated fat removal devices provide significant results in one treatment without invasive surgical techniques. Scarring is minimal, with freckle-sized marks being the largest possible blemishes, and downtime lasts just one to two days. Patients can selectively target their calves and ankles alone to achieve a slim, tapered lower leg or sculpt up to their thighs for a complete change. 

Call our Toronto office or any of our AirSculpt® locations worldwide for your free consultation. 


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