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3 Ways to Lose Fupa Fat: Exercise, Procedures, & Lifestyle Changes

lose pubic fat

Excess fat between the hips and above the pubic bone is casually known as FUPA (fat upper pubic area), and it's a hassle for anyone that has it.

There are several causes of FUPA: the beauty of childbirth, the timelessness of aging, and the regrets of over-eating. In some cases, an improperly performed abdominal surgery will 'reveal' extra fat in the pubic area as well.

For many patients, a layer of fat over the pubic area is a natural part of their body. It's just that fat tends to accumulate there, and that's when it becomes a problem for most. Whether it be aesthetic or functional, there are reasons to remove fat from the pubic area.

Three Ways To Lose Pubic Fat Naturally

Exercise More

You can experiment with these three exercises for a change. They're simple to do, instrumental, and can be down in the comfort of your own home.

Break a sweat with the following exercises

  • Rollups
  • Planks
  • Bicycle crunches

Change Your Lifestyle

While exercise is something you can do to get impressive results, training without a proper diet won't help.

 Begin to throw everything out of your fridges that are sugary, processes, and unnecessarily packaged. Afterward, stick to lean meats and stuff yourself with all the veggies you need.

While carbohydrates are usually viewed as the enemy, don't be afraid of them. Just make sure you're burning more calories than you're consuming.

Eating at a caloric deficit of about 300 calories each day will entail burning 1 pound of fat per week.

Therefore, consistency is your best friend!

Try A Minimally Invasive Procedure To Lose FUPA Fat

We're not talking about pubic liposuction in New York. First and foremost, it's not even a minimally invasive procedure, and it's traditional and outdated.

Opt for procedures that impact your appearance without being so invasive, such as Elite Body Sculpture's Pubic Area AirSculpt®, the safest and most precise method in the fat removal market.

That's because it doesn't use a scalpel, needle, or general anesthesia, and its downtime is only 48 hours. While traditional procedures will have you resting for months, Pubic Area AirSculpt® will have you back on your feet after two weeks.

How Does The Pubic Area AirSculpt® Work?

Pubic AirSculpt targets fupa fat with a patented device that plucks each cell one by one through a two-millimeter-wide entryway that heals seamlessly. Skin is also left tighter than before, but patients with copious loose skin may prefer opting for a lift. 


If you want to look your best, then work with the best, head to Elite Body Sculpture New York for your first consultation.


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